How to order

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First of all, thanks for having interest in the ordering process. We will like to show you an example on how the ordering process is like on our website.



Step 1 - Product Page


Step 2 - Select Quantity and other option

After selecting what you required, click on the green button "BUY THIS". This will bring you to the Cart page where your orders are gathered.


Step 3 - Cart Page

At this page, You can see the product you will like to place your order. For example the picture above, you selected "Treadmill V3 - Includie Delivery and Assembly".

From here you can click on "Continue Shopping" to go back to the main page and select more products to this cart, or click on the "Checkout" button to procede your order.


Step 4 - Checkout

Here you are required to fill up your details. This is important if there is any problem with your order in any way, we can contact you as soon as possible. At this stage your orders is not yet confirm and finish. You will need click on "continue to next step" to select your mode of payment.
Fill up your credit card details and click on "Review Order and Continue" to proceed. Only after you confirm your order on the next page then your order to Opticcart is confirm and your credit card will then be charged.


Step 5 - Shipping and payment options

On this page, you can select your shipping method. As for now, we provide all our customer with free delivery. Unless you only pay for "Cash and Carry option" you will need to arrange your own pickup.

We offer 3 method of payment. Credit Card(PayPal), Bank Transfer and COD. 

Once done you may click on " Complete my purchase" button. Depending on your payment option, it will bring you to different page.

Step 5A - Credit Card Payment (PayPal)

By selecting Paypal, it will bring you to secured PayPal site to fill up your details. As myself has signup with PayPal to process our credit card payment. 

Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to continue your payment. A normal credit card will be able to process your order. PayPal is just a link between your credit company and our bank. PayPal also help to prevent credit card fraud and that is why we choose PayPal to process our payment. 

Step 5B - Bank Transfer or COD options

A simple instruction will be given to you about the process. Please note that this instructions should be sent to you email with your invoice.

We hope you will have a wonderful shopping experience at our website. If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative Joseph,