Below table stats the equipment parts warranty for all our products. Please ensure you keep an official sale document to process any claim in the future, if any.

We also provide on-site maintenance service for all our product. It is recommended to service the equipment every 6 months. Contact us for more details. 
Strength Training Equipment Parts Warranty
Description Warranty
Structural Steel Framework Lifetime
Rotary Bearings, Weight Stacks, Pulleys, Guide Rods, Structural Moving Parts 2 years
Cable, Linear Bearings, Springs 1 year
Upholstery, Handgrips, All Other Items Not Listed 6 Months
Cardio Training Equipment Parts Warranty
Description Warranty
Frame 7 years
Display PCB 2 years
Key pad 1 year
Motor Controller 2 years
Durable Wear Parts 1 year
Treadmill AC motor  3 years
Treadmill DC motor  2 year
Generator /EMS/ECB brake 2 years
1 Year free on-site service (Labour Fee)

Extend your warranty up to 5 years is available now (only for Impulse Brand item)

For In-House Brand model - V1, V3 & T1
All cover under 1 year on site warranty

Conditions and Ristrictions: 
1, This warranty applies only against defects discovered within 
the warranty period, warranty claims need to be made within the warranty period.
2, Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty only. 
3, To claim under this warranty, the buyer must notify us within thirty(30) days after the date of discovery of any defects and make the defected product available for visual inspection in any form for us, unaltered or undefaced serial tag must be shown along with the defected product. 
4, This warranty does not apply to damange caused by accident, misuse, improper service or non-Impulse modification. 
5, You are consenting to be bound by the following warranty terms and conditions. 
6, Satisfactory proof of purchase is required in all cases. 

For more information about our machine servicing service, please click here